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Jack Ryan Season 4, Art Director, Cristina Vittoria Marazzi


Pio, Abel Ferrara, Production Designer Tommaso Ortino, Cristina Vittoria Marazzi Set Decorator


Cristina Vittoria Marazzi Production Designer, The Good Italian 2, Emanuele di Bacco


Commercial, Pubblicità, Production Designer Cristina Vittoria Marazzi



Set Decorator, Art Director, Ferrari, Michel Mann, Maria Djurkovic, Sophie Phillips

Born and raised in Northern Italy, Vittoria since childhood, her passion for performing arts, cinema, theatre and costume has manifested itself prominently. She pursued her passion by moving to Milan to attend the course of Production Design and Costume Design at the Academy of Fine Arts Brera, were she graduated with magna cum lode in. Her eclectic education provides the foundation to explore her passion for creating unique and engaging images. Her talent and dedication have caught the attention of international productions. She worked in cinema, commercials, and fashion all over Italy and abroad, working closely with talented directors, production designer and set decorator ever since.

Thanks to different professional experience in various creative fields, she developed strong multi-disciplinary technical and artistic skills, including a cunny awareness of the work and professional environment. Vittoria can develop the projects from conceptual inception to commissioning on site, using her expertise, as creator, researcher, architectural drawer and digital painter, using 2D and 3D programs. Vittoria has a breath of international experience, both personal and professional. During her studies, she lived in the USA and in London, where she attended the University of Arts. Vittoria’s work experience has been shaped by having worked with world-renowned Directors including Paolo Sorrentino, Luca Guadagnino, Michael Mann, Terrence Malick, Ridley Scott, Abel Ferrara, Peter Greenaway, and Roberto Andò.

Creativity, passion for the pursuit of beauty, the hunger to always learn, teamwork, an open mind and soul, are the engines that guide her in life and works.

Vittoria has bases in ROME, MILAN, SWISS ENGADINE and LONDON. She speaks Italian and English, she has good bases of German and is learning French.

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