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Michel Mann, Ferrari, Set Decoration, Art Direction, Maria Djurkovic, Sophie Phillips



Abel Ferrara, Padre Pio, Tommaso Ortino, Set Decorator, Gargano
Abel Ferrara, Padre Pio, Tommaso Ortino, Set Decorator, Gargano

PADRE PIO_ Set Decorator _by Abel Ferrara, Production Designer Tommaso Ortino, Puglia, Italy (2021)

VOLARE_ Production Designer and Set Decorator_by Fabio Rovazzi, Prod. Borotalcotv, Milan, Italy (2017)

THE GOOD ITALIAN  II_ Production Designer and Set Decorator_by Emanuele Di Bacco for Caruso, Milan, Italy (2016) _ Fashion Movie_BFFF Award Nominee Best Production Design

FIDIA ITAMI_ Production Designer and Set Decorator_by Emanuele Di Bacco, Prod. ParanoidFilms, Commercial Milan, Italy (2016)



Jack Ryan Season 4, Art Director, John Richardson, Budapest


DOVECOTE_ Art Director _ Production Designer Stefania Cella, by Marco Perego, Biennale Arte Venezia 2024, Padiglione Vaticano, Prod. Production Consultants, Venice, Italy (2024) 

MODI_ Art Director _ Production Designer Dave Warren, by Johnny Depp, Prod Kalicon, Rome + Turin, Italy (2024)
LUCCA MORTIS/ TOWER STORIES_ Art Director Assistant _ Production Designer Wilbert van Dorp, SPV Art Director SVP Hiske de Goeje, Prod. The Family, Lucca, Italy (2023)

KASOS_ Art Director stby _ Production Designer Dick Lunn, IT Spv Art Director and Set Decorator Giulia Busnengo, Prod. Mestiere Cinema, Rome+Caserta, Italy (2023)

QUEER_ Assistant Production Designer _ by Luca Giadagnino, Production Designer Stefano Baisi, Set Decorator Lisa Crivelli Scoppa, Prod.The Apartment, Rome, Italy (2023)

LIFT_ Assistant Art Director _ IT Spv Art Director Susanna Codognato, IT Set Decorator Giulia Busnengo, Prod.360 Degress Film, Venice, Italy (2022)

JACK RYAN4_ Art Director _ Art Director Spv John Richardson, Production Designer Drerek Hill, Prod. Paramount, Hungary + Italy (2020/2022)

JACK RYAN3_ stby Art Director Italy _ Art Director Livia Borgognoni, Set Decorator Giulia Busnengo, Prod.360Degrees, Rome, Italy (2020)

PRADA Multiple Views SS21 Chapter 5_ Art Director Italy _ by Terence Nance, Production Designer Inbal Weinberg, Milan, Italy (2020) 

A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES II_ Ass. Art Director Italy _ IT Art Director Giulia Busnengo, Prod. 360Degrees, Sky Prod. Bad Walf, Bolzano, Italy (2019/2020)

LA DEA FORTUNA_ Art Director, by Ferzan Ozpetek _Production Designer and Set Decorator Giulia Busnengo, Prod. R&C, Rome, Italy (2019)

LORO_ Art Director /Production Designer Assistant _ by Paolo Sorrentino, Production Designer Stefania Cella, Prod. IndigoFilm, Rome, Italy (2015)

LA GRANDE BELLEZZA / THE GREAT BEAUTY_ Art Department PA _ by Paolo Sorrentino, Production Designer Stefania Cella, Prod. IndigoFilm, Rome, Italy (2012)

CHIAROSCURO _ Assistant Production Designer _ by Lorenzo Taidelli, Short, Milan, Italy (2009)



From Skratch, 360 Degrees, Sicilia, Firenze, Livia Borgognoni, Set Decorator, Zoe Saldana


FERRARI_ Set Decoration Assistant _ by Michael Mann, Production Designer Maria Djurkovic, Set Decorator Sophie Phillips, Prod. Welcome to Italy, Modena, Italy (2021)

FROM SCRATCH_ Senior Set Decorator Assistant _ Production Designer Laura Fox, Art Director Spv Livia Borgognoni, Prod. 360Degrees Film, Florence + Cefalù Sicily, Italy (2021) 

HOUSE OF GUCCI_ Set Decoration Dept _ by Ridley Scott, Production Designer Arthur Max, Art Director Spv Cristina Onori, Set Decorator Letizia Santucci, Prod. Panorama, Italy (2021)

UNICREDIT PER L'ITALIA_ Set Decoration Assistant _ by Ferzan Ozpetek, Production Designer and Set Decorator Giulia Busnengo, Prod. Emma Film, Rome, Italy (2020)

IL BAMBINO NASCOSTO_ Set Decoration Assistant _ by Roberto Andò, Production Designer Gianni Carluccio, Set Decorator Andrea Gullace, Prod. Bibi Film, Rome, Italy (2020) 

THE WAY OF THE WIND_ Set Decoration Assistant _ by Terrence Malick, Production Designer Stefano Ortolani, Set Decorator IT Letizia Santucci, Prod. Viola Film, Matera, Italy (2019)

WE ARE WHO WE ARE_ Set Decoration Dept _ by Luca Guadagnino, Production Designer Elliott Hostetter, Prod. Small Forward, Padova, Italy (2019)

THE BURTON ORANGE HERESY_ Set Decoration/Production Designer Dept _ by Giuseppe Capotondi, Production Designer Totoi, Prod. Indiana, Milan, Italy (2018)

MURDER MYSTERY_ Set Decoration Dept _ by Kyle Newacheck, Production Designer Perry Andeline Blake_ Set Decorator Letizia Santucci, Prod. Lotus, Como+Milan, Italy (2018)

ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD_ Set Dec Buyer _ by Ridley Scott, Production Designer Arthur Max, Art Director Spv Cristina Onori, Set Decorator Letizia Santucci, Prod. Lotus, Milan, Italy  (2017)

SUSPIRIA_ by Luca Guadagnino, Production Designer Inbal Weinberg, Set Decorator Merissa Lombardo, Prod. Frenesy, Varese, Italy (2016) *as PROPS Buyer

YOUTH_ Set Decoration Assistant _ by Paolo Sorrentino, Production Designer Ludovica Ferrario, Set Decorator Giulia Busnengo, Prod. Indigo Film, Engadine Swiss+Venice, Italy (2015)



Ferzan Ozpetek, La Dea Fortuna, Art Director, Production Designer Assistant, Rome


MORELLATO SS2020 _ Assistant Production Designer _ Production Designer Fabrizio D'Arpino, Prod. K48, Milan, Italy (2020) 

007 X MK _ Art Director _ byMichael Kors Presentation, Prod. MA, Rome+ Milan, Italy (2020)

ARMANI LAB_ Art Director _ by Luca Guadagnino, Production Designer Elliott Hostetter, Prod. LumenLab, Milan, Italy (2018)

ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA_ Art Director _ by Luca Guadagnino, Production Designer Elliott Hostetter, Prod. LumenLab, Milan, Italy (2018)

GUCCI DECOR Wallpaper_ Art Director _ Set Designer Sophie Glasser, Prod. MAI, Milan, Italy (2018)

MARELLA SS21_ Assistant Production Designer & Art Director_ Set Designer Happy Massee, Riccardo Ruini Studio, Prod. MAI, Rome, Italy (2018)

SECONDA PELLE_ Executive Art Director _ by Paolo Sorrentino, Rinascente Tritone, Prod. CollateralFilm, Rome, Italy (2017)

TWIN SET Underwear SS2014 _ ADV, Milan, Itlay (2013) 

POLIFORM, Headquarter Italy, Milano Design Week, Milan Poliform Headquarter (2012)



Loro, Paolo Sorrentino, Stefania Cella, Art Director, Production Designer Assistant, Tony Servillo


L'ORA DELLA SALUTE_ Assistant Production Designer, Production Designer Barbara Fizzotti, Prod. Libero srl, Milan, Italy (2017)
TEZENIS Fashion Show _ Assistant Production Designer, Production Designer Barbara Fizzotti, Prod. Libero srl, Milan, Italy (2017)

SANPELLEGRINO_ Art Buyer, Prod. Yam112003, Milan, Italy (2016)
TACCO 12 _ Assistant Production Designer, Production Designer Barbara Fizzotti, Prod. Libero srl, Milan, Italy (2015)
TOP DJ 2015 _ Assistant Production Designer, Production Designer Barbara Fizzotti, Prod. Yam112003, Milan, Italy (2015)

MIXOLOGIST_  Assistant Production Designer, Production Designer Barbara Fizzotti, Prod. Yam112003, Milan, Italy (2015)

LA PAPERA NON FA L'ECO_ Assistant Production Designer, Production Designer Barbara Fizzotti, Prod. Ambra Banijay, Milan, Italy (2015)

DOPPIA SFIDA _ Assistant Production Designer, Production Designer Barbara Fizzotti, Prod. Bobolone srl, Milan, Italy (2013)

VISIONARIOS MAGAZINE _ Set Decorator, Still Life Editorials, A Room with view, Decadence Beauty, Milan, Italy (2012/2015)

PINKO_ Set Designer, Stlylist Sabino Pantone, Milan, Italy (2015) 

GUARDAROBA PERFETTO_ Set Decorator, Prod.Magnolia, Milan, Italy (2011)
CAMBIO VITA...MI SPOSO_ Set Decorator, Prod.Magnolia, Milan, Italy (2009)



Youth, Paolo Sorrentino, Stefania Cella, Set Decorator, Swiss


Digital_ Autocad, 3D StudioMax, SketchUp, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Office, Drive, Dropbox, Box, SyncOnSet,  DigitalPurchaseOrder

Languages_ Italian, English B2 (IELTS), German A2, French A1


- CAD and hand technical drawing, hand digital painting sketching, advanced digital skills

- Project management skills, decision making, planning, Budget management;

- Care and attention to detail, teamwork, tolerant to high stress situations;

Problem solving, conflict resolution, constructive and analytical thinking, coordination of works.

Education _ Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan, Production Design and Costume Design; 110 cum laude,  Thesis topic: conceptual practical analysis of the work of
Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo. Erasmus: University of Fine Art London; Degree in Geometer, Leonardo Da Vinci Institute, Chiavenna, Italy.




Born and raised in Northern Italy, Vittoria since childhood, her passion for performing arts, cinema, theatre and costume has manifested itself prominently. She pursued her passion by moving to Milan to attend the course of Production Design and Costume Design at the Academy of Fine Arts Brera, were she graduated with magna cum lode in. Her eclectic education provides the foundation to explore her passion for creating unique and engaging images. Her talent and dedication have caught the attention of international productions. She worked in cinema, commercials, and fashion all over Italy and abroad, working closely with talented directors, production designer and set decorator ever since.

Thanks to different professional experience in various creative fields, she developed strong multi-disciplinary technical and artistic skills, including a cunny awareness of the work and professional environment. Vittoria can develop the projects from conceptual inception to commissioning on site, using her expertise, as creator, researcher, architectural drawer and digital painter, using 2D and 3D programs. Vittoria has a breath of international experience, both personal and professional. During her studies, she lived in the USA and in London, where she attended the University of Arts. Vittoria’s work experience has been shaped by having worked with world-renowned Directors including Paolo Sorrentino, Luca Guadagnino, Michael Mann, Terrence Malick, Ridley Scott, Abel Ferrara, Peter Greenaway, and Roberto Andò.

Creativity, passion for the pursuit of beauty, the hunger to always learn, teamwork, an open mind and soul, are the engines that guide her in life and works.

Vittoria has bases in ROME, MILAN, SWISS ENGADINE and LONDON. She speaks Italian and English, she has good bases of German and is learning French.

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